Clancy Brown

The son of former member of the Lower House of the State of Ohio. I show interest in drama from high school days. The university gets a scholarship as a discobolus and enters Northwestern Univ. Furthermore, I got a scholarship of the football and advanced to the Virginia university. I take an audition of "bad Boys" by the advice of the friend in 83, and a movie makes its debut. I play a villain for a strong impression with "8 dimensions of galaxies of the stupid roux banzai", "the soldier of the highlander / devil", "a man without the shadow" and receive attention afterwards. As for , a villain's part was the center, and the prison guard was impressive "in the sky of the show shank", too. By the fourth season of "the ER emergency room", I gave a good performance with the intellectual doctor who became Mr. Weaver and the love relationship and opened in a state newly. I marry in 93, and it is father of one child.

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